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A few random football thoughts…

1.   Watched the Jerry Rice special on the NFL network and you quickly realize what separates the great players from the rest. An unbelievable work ethic and a fear of failure.  The stories are all the same for Jerry Rice, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Peyton Manning. (just a few names, but the list is longer) Not only are these guys blessed with talent but they all have a strong will to succeed and superior work ethic.  Maybe not the best teammates at times, but you can not deny their results on the field of play.

2. Which brings me to Richard Sherman and the debate if he’s the best cornerback in the NFL.  I look at this this way, just like some of the names I mentioned above , Sherman has a strong desire to be the best and is willing to put in the work to get there.   If you combine these traits with his physical skills I am pretty sure he will continue improve and this debate will continue for another 5 years.  As for some of his stats.  Given he was only targeted 58 times this year he had 16 passes defended and 8 interceptions.  He surely does make the most of those opportunities.  Almost 14% of those total passes to him are intercepted!  Don’t know if he’s the best but I know I want him on my team playing corner back.

3. I went to media day on Tuesday and I must admit it’s one of those things you do once and that’s about it.  I would suggest only if your team is in the Super Bowl should you consider going to this event.  To give you an idea of the logistics.  You have 17 players speaking at once to the media with 5 of those interviews being transmitted to a radio headset you are given.  You can switch channels and listen to any of those 5 players.  Pete , Russell and Sherman did the whole hour, but most of the other players took turns speaking during the session.   Glad I went but not sure I would do it again.

Random thoughts from a cyclist….

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