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Tomorrow could be October 26th, 1996 all over again… Final Thoughts post Super Bowl 48

I was thinking of the perfect time to provide an update to this story and given today’s news on Derek Jeter it felt like the right time to finish this story.  As I followed Derek Jeter’s career for 19 years, I always admired the way he handled himself on and off the field of play. I often  wondered if I would have another athlete  to admire and respect.   As a fan of the Yankees and Seahawks I have often compared Russell Wilson to Derek Jeter and it’s fitting that RW got his championship this year and DJ will retire at the end of the 2014 baseball season.  ( a passing of the torch if you will)

More on Derek Jeter later in future blogs as the point of this story is about SuperBowl 48 and the Seahawks.

So … What a day it was on February 2nd !   I can’t imagine how the players could sleep as I could barely sleep that night.   I spent the morning cycling around Westchester and thinking about what was to take place later that day and if the Hawks could indeed bring home the Lombardi trophy for the 12’s ! Well at this point we all know the outcome of the game and it was over EARLY, so it gave me time to reflect over the prior 30 years of being a Seahawks fan.    The game was awesome and the 12’s really showed up at MetLife as the Broncos found out early on in the game.  As I watched the game and saw the dominance they displayed it was fitting they would win this way given how long we all waited for this SuperBowl victory.

Some of the things I thought about as I watched the game.   Just how different this team is compared to the Seahawks team that played in SuperBowl XL… That team had a fantastic year and Shawn Alexander had an MVP year behind a very good offensive line.. But, that team was always going to be a one and done type team.   That team hit on a few good draft picks that year in Lofa and Hill, and their offense that year was just so efficient. It was actually a great display of west coast offense and they rode that all the way to the SuperBowl.   What was interesting was to see just how physical this current team is compared to the prior regime Seahawks teams.  (remember Jim Mora saying we needed to play like “dirtbags”)  What this team did to the Broncos the Steelers did to us.    It’s been great to see how this team has been put together and physicality is a big part of that , but also making sure it’s controlled and legal.   This years team is built for the long haul and will continue to compete for the next 5 years.

A few lasting moments from the game.   Pregame was unbelievable and emotional for me as it was a moment I had been waiting for and I felt they could win this game.  The Percy return really was the time I started to allow myself to think this game was over and they really had a good chance to win.  Kam played an unbelievable game and he played at a very high level throughout the playoffs.  Russell was efficient and really displayed composure and leadership and you could see the moment wasn’t that large for him. This is a great team and they have an opportunity to do some good things in the future. I feel that just like Jeter kept the Yankees hungry I have a feeling Russell will also keep this Seahawks team focused on it’s goals for the next few years.

While I’m ecstatic of the outcome of this particular game I have a feeling this team can do great things in the years to come and place themselves in the history books.  Imagine this team being compared to the 2000’s Patriots, the 90’s Cowboys, 80’s 49er’s , 70’s Steelers !  That is the type of talent and potential this team has !  Potential is a big word with all types of possibilities  but it’s up to this team to fulfill that potential.   We could be talking about this team as we do of the ’85 Bears.  That Bear’s team was one of the best teams I have ever seen and guess what they were also one of the youngest to win a SuperBowl and they never made it back to the big dance.  So in 5 years we will comparing this team to the ’85 Bears or the 80’s 49er teams !  Which one will it be ?? There in lies the question and challenge for this 53 man roster.

Great time to be a Seahawks fan !  Go Hawks.

(below was my original post)

I remember that day quite well and quite honestly I will probably never forget  some of the events that led to the Yankees capturing a World title in game six . I remember Charlie Hayes catching a pop up in foul territory for the final out of the game. I remember Joe Giradi hitting a triple in the gap. I remember John Wetteland on the mound with his arm raised in the air as he recorded that final out.  But what I remember most was the electricity in the stadium that started in the seventh inning and didn’t end until Wade Boggs finished his horse trot around the stadium after the Yankees had won.  I could feel the anticipation of the Yankees winning a title for the first time since 1978 !  The stadium was rocking and it really felt like time was going in slow motion.  Each pitch , each strike , each out seemed to take forever but the atmosphere was electric and I was so happy to be there taking it all in.

Tomorrow the Seattle Seahawks are seeking their first Super Bowl title and I will be at MetLife cheering them on just as I was cheering for the Yankees back in 1996.  The atmosphere will be different given the game is at MetLife and not Clink, but the excitement and memories if they win this game will be the same !   Want to have new memories of another one of my teams winning a title.  Beastmode going crazy on the ground, the LOB making plays all over the place, RW3 playing an efficient game and Earl Thomas taking home the game MVP.

I see similarities with this Seahawks team and the 1996 Yankees.  The Yankees won their first title in almost 20 years then went on to dominate baseball for the next 5 years.  The games are different and it’s so much harder to win Super Bowls, but this team will be in contention for the next few years as well, but nothing will compare to them winning that first title and me being in the stadium !  I will forever remember this team and the important plays of the game.

Can’t wait for October 26, 1996 to happen all over again tomorrow !

Go Hawks !

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