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Off Season is here for the Seahawks..

The “off-season” is here for the Hawks and they are finally starting to deal with some tough decisions; which they haven’t had to do since taking over 4 years ago.  This is a team full of talent and the challenge for PCJS will be to retain the core players whilst bringing in talent via free agency and the draft to supplement that core group.  To be clear their free agency targets will be the second tier players not the big name splashes we were accustomed to seeing under Holmgrem.  ( Levon Kirkland, Chad Brown, TJ Houshman what the eff)  This regime will now focus on a skill set to fill a specific need at a specific price point.  The philosophy of this team will be to continue to build via the draft and if an opportunity presents itself via free agency they will be aggressive about it.

I do want to look at their philosophy  as fans can’t have it both ways. We all loved the “churn” of the roster over the last few years until the “final” product brought us a SuperBowl victory !  But here is the reality of sports and in particular the culture of this team, it is never FINAL !   First the structure of the salary cap won’t allow a team roster to ever be final. More importantly even if the Seahawks didn’t have the restrictions of a salary cap I still think they would continue to look at their roster and make decisions for the future success of the team.  These decisions whilst not popular at the time are the right ones for sustained success.  We will have to move on from Red, Rice and possibly Clemons and Miller this year and then guys like Beast Mode next off season.  The decisions are only going to get harder each year but trust me that is a good thing ! Tough decisions means our roster is solid and we have capable back ups in place.  Good teams building for longevity will need to let players go a year or two too early but that will be needed to keep the core intact.  As for this team the core is Russell, Earl, Sherman, Kam.    I look at what the Cowboys and Steelers are doing now by restructuring contracts with players that clearly aren’t performing up to their contracts and see why both are in cap trouble and specifically why the Cowboys are a mess on the field.  Please tell my why they are even discussing a restructure with Ware ?  He’s due to earn 16mm dollars !   Just doesn’t make sense to me but glad these other teams are holding on to players highlight reals instead of the current tape.

As for my blog today I just wanted to first speak about philosophy before getting into the specifics of the offseason.

Stay tuned for future posts on the “off-season”

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